Jackson Hospital is leading the way in spine surgery. At our Advanced Spine Center, our staff offers comprehensive care for patients with neck and back problems. We utilize some of the latest treatment options, including minimally invasive procedures for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  All of this gives our patients the support they need to end years of chronic back pain issues.

Our Features


  • At the Jackson Advanced Spine Center, our doctors have access to the most cutting-edge technology. This includes a continuously guided 3-D imaging system, which helps them operate with even more precision.


  • We offer Stryker’s iSuite, a state-of-the-art combination of equipment and software that transforms traditional operating rooms,  empowering our surgeons with some of the latest and greatest technology available.


  • Our patients undergo online preoperative preparation classes, as well as post-procedure education. Research shows that having pre-surgery and post-surgery education has a significant positive effect on surgery outcomes – including an improved quality of life.


  • Specialized care teams are specifically trained to treat patients who have undergone spinal surgery. This helps to ensure our patients’ utmost comfort during recovery.


  • Our Advanced Spine Center features private, dedicated post-surgical patient rooms, and our attentive staff is always available.



Our doctors perform many different types of back surgery, including traditional, open surgeries and minimally-invasive surgeries designed to stabilize or decompress areas of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  These include:


  • Laminectomy/Laminotomy

  • Discectomy

  • Facetectomy

  • Foraminotomy

  • Spinal Fusion

  • Disc Replacement


Quality Spine Care

Jackson Hospital is the first hospital in Alabama to receive the gold seal of approval for spine surgery from The Joint Commission. To earn the seal, the hospital demonstrated compliance with The Joint Commission's national standards for quality and safety in spine surgery. We were recognized for our dedication to the Commission’s state-of-the-art standards. And that seal means you can count on our doctors to follow best practices when performing back and neck surgeries, including spinal fusion, laminectomy, and discectomy.


For more information about the Jackson Hospital Advanced Spine Center, please call 334-293-8445. At Jackson, we always have your back

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